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Martin received "Giving back powerhouse of 2021" award

Estonian startup awards 2021 recognized the best entrepreneurs and startups. Martin got an award for "Giving back powerhouse of 2021" for contributions to startup community as President of Founders Society and co-founder of Education Fund and kood/Jõhvi coding school.
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Lets build cities for people, not cars

Over the last 50 years, most cities have been built for cars. It's time to review this concept and start re-building our cities for people, meaning walking, cycling, micromobility, public transport, lively streets and then cars. To educate our society, improve bike lanes, run various pilot projects and improve our cities, Martin co-founded Elav Tänav (Lively Streets) initiative in Tallinn. Subscribe to our by-weekly newsletter or follow social media, to see how we are doing :)
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Internship program for Estonian School Masters

A new internship programme, initiated by Martin, Good Deed Education Fund and the education department of the Tallinn city government, is to give school principals the opportunity to intern at a company to learn from their successful management experience and apply the acquired knowledge in their schools.

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