I am passionate about entrepreneurship and giving back to community. I try to meet with new entrepreneurs in order to learn about their business ideas, challenges and give feedback and connect with relevant people.

Startup Community initiatives

I am active member of Estonian startup ecosystem #EstonianFounders for last 15 years.

Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs

I am passionate mentor of new founders on their business ideas. BUT, before approaching me, please make sure you have done your homework (1 pager brief about your project):
  • What is your business idea? Why are you passionate about this specific idea?
  • Please Google about potential competition and do market research?
  • Why should people buy your product? Your unique value proposition?
  • What resources you need to build your idea? Team & Roles? Funding? Anything else?
  • How do you plan to make money? Business model, costs & margins, unit economics?
  • How do you go to market - Sales and Marketing channels? CAC vs LTV?
  • Which are your current TOP3 challenges? How could I help you exactly?
When you have well thought and written key points, please contact via e-mail or Facebook Messenger. Please share your brief together with TOP3 challenges.

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