Martin is the co-founder of Bolt (formerly Taxify), the leading on-demand transportation platform in Europe and Africa, more than 30 million passengers in 35 countries. 

Martin has been an entrepreneur for 20 years. He finished BBA at Estonian Business School (EBS). As father of 2 great kids, he likes to travel around the world with his wife and family. Martin likes outdoor activities (hiking, sailing), various sports (pilates, soccer, tennis, running, swimming, biking, disc golf etc) and doing good for the world. Martin is using bike for daily commute.

Martin is passionate about:

Childhood period

Martin was born in 1978 in Tallinn, while Estonia was still part of Soviet Union. Estonians started their independence fight, Martin participated in famous "singing revolution" and "Baltic chain" during late 1980's and luckily Estonia gained re-independence in 1991 without any casualties.

Martin was entrepreneurial since 10 years old, finding creative ways to earn pocket money to buy Legos and 1st tennis racket. During primary & secondary school Martin was a DJ (cassettes), organized disco parties, published alternative newspaper and started designing websites in mid 90's.

University & 1st exit

Martin won Estonian 1st Business Olympiad in 1997, where he got a prize - one year tuition free studies at Estonian Business School (EBS). Martin founded his 1st web design company ZERO in January 1998 during 1st year of EBS. Soon his classmates started 1st Estonian internet portal XXL.EE and joined their business unit with Martin's company.

ZERO Media's business grew fast until mid 1999, when it was acquired by Pennu Computer Technology (the only IT company in Tallinn Stock Exchange). Private equity company wanted to turn the computer manufacturer into digital business. On his 2nd course in EBS, Martin became a director of listed IT company, where he expanded digital services team to 75 people in 3 Baltic states. Unfortunately computer manufacturing had previous big debt from mis-management, so the company went bankrupt in 2001. Great learnings to young business student.

Martin later worked at Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange, Skype and Fortumo. Martin got the idea for Bolt in summer 2012 in Kyiv and the company was founded and launched in 2013.

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The Young Outsanding Your Person 2015 by JCI Estonia
EY Estonian Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, together with his brother Markus
The Order of the White Star IV class, 2018 by President of Estonia