Martin is passionate about entrepreneurship and giving back to community. He tries to meet with 1-2 new entrepreneurs every week (mostly lunch meetings or 30min calls) in order to learn about their business ideas, challenges and give feedback and connect with relevant people.

Startup Community initiatives

Martin is an active member of Estonian startup ecosystem #EstonianMafia for last 15 years.

Mentoring Young Entrepreneurs

Martin is happy to mentor new founders on their business ideas. Before approaching him, please make sure you have done your homework (1 pager brief about your project):
  • What is your business idea? Why are you passionate about this specific idea?
  • Please Google about potential competition and do market research?
  • Why should people buy your product? Your unique value proposition?
  • What resources you need to build your idea? Team & Roles? Funding? Anything else?
  • How do you plan to make money? Business model, costs & margins, unit economics?
  • How do you go to market - Sales and Marketing channels? Costs of User Acquisition?
  • Which are your current TOP3 challenges? How could Martin help you exactly?
When you have well thought and written down key points, please approach Martin via E-mail, LinkedIn or Facebook Messenger. Please share your brief together with TOP3 challenges.


Martin is early stage investor looking for a clear hypothesis for a product - clear customer pain with a solution to solve that pain. A strong team should have a working prototype in platforms/mobile space. Investment tickets usually €10-50K.

My current investments:
  • GuestJoy (EE) - platform for hoteliers for guest-facing comms, feedback & up-sell
  • Printify (LV) - create and sell custom products, drop-ship delivery
  • Carget (EE/SA) - rent-to-buy used cars platform in South Africa
  • Lift99 (EE/UA)- co-growing spaces in Tallinn & Kyiv
    • - hand-picked CEE founders network for networking & mentoring - sign-up or refer to the best founders in your country (sub-project by Lift99)
  • Math99 (EE) - The easiest most fun way to practice math in a classroom! Instantly engaging and perfect for all-class activities. Play against Martin in 30 second challenge! 
    Please play with your family and refer to your school or teacher. Math can be fun!
  • ProcurementFlow (EE) - cloud-based software for keeping communication and procurement process in flow. Please refer to friend working in procurement, thanks :)
  • MySpotit (EE) - most efficient meetings in offsite locations around your office
  • Rendin (EE) - solve deposit & trust challenges in apartment rentals between person/landlord
  • Upsteam (EE) - platform for on-demand car washing at your home or office
  • Outfunnel (EE) - simple & connected sales+marketing tool for small businesses
  • FoodDocs (EE) - helps to create & maintain food safety management systems for restaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, hotels etc.
  • eAgronom (EE) - enable effective and sustainable farming by AI and smart technologies